As the Director of Doon Defence Academy, I feel elated to announce the launch of a new academic unit that is solely going to be dedicated to the preparation of the students who aspire to be selected for prestigious jobs in Banks, Railways and other government sectors.

Getting selected for esteemed posts in Banks, Railways and Government sector through the process of written exams and interviews may appear to be a tough nut to crack but it is indubitable that hard work, perseverance, and determination if blended with the correct guidance and training, can crack these tough nuts easily.

With a remarkable patrimony of successful selection of the candidates in the Defence sector through skillful mentorship and able guidance of experienced and learned faculty, I announce the launch of my new unit- Doon Civil Academy to enable the mentorship of the students with the objective of providing them preparatory classes for these competitive exams.

I feel confident that as I have achieved success in the field of training the students for their selection in the Defence Sector, my efforts to provide mentorship in the Banking, Railways and other government sectors are going to prove equally enriching an experience and a delightful journey not only for me but also for my students. The students in the institute are not only enlightened on how to be selected but we also focus on the holistic development of our students by exposing them to a plethora of activities like group discussion, quiz rounds, computer training, and many more with the intention to instill in them the soft skills required in future for their personal and professional development. The youngsters who remain under a constant state of stress and anxiety need to be mentored to become worthy citizens with the goal of being productive to their nation and society and this can happen if they are successfully able to achieve their dream goals.

As the Director of team DDA, I being the captain of my ship, am determined  to navigate and steer my ship in the desired direction which is none other thanthe   selection of my students and I do believe that they have   immense potential. Doon Defence Academy is launching preparatory classes with highly qualified instructors to help the candidates qualify for competitive exams like IAS, PCS,   SSC, and CGL. We, the team DDA will leave no stone unturned to ensure the selection of the students  as we have a well-structured curriculum, highly experienced faculty to mentor the students, and well-planned study material so that the students face no inconvenience during their classes. Moreover, the palatial quarters of DDA are perfectly equipped with other facilities like the library, the Computer Laboratory, and hostel facilities for the outstation students who would like to avail themselves of these boarding facilities. We, the team DDA, therefore invite the parents and the students willing to avail of this excellent mentorship under the able guidance and counseling of our team of intellectuals with a remarkable background in their own fields.

Not only is the DDA team ready to strive hard for the selection of the students in Defence, but we have already done a lot of research in these  field of banking , Railways and other government services to ensure the  hundred percent selection of our students . We wish to provide the nation with a new generation of positive-minded youngsters   to be visionaries of our future nation.

Jai Hind!